The Dream – P2

You know the one…

Where your business is humming along on autopilot. Like a well oiled machine. Spitting out enough cash for you to live in high style – without actually having to work.

Well let me tell ya… I used to have that dream a lot too. Then one day, something “clicked.” And ever since, I’ve been able to live my version of the “Internet Lifestyle”.

It’s not exactly as I described earlier, though.

I’ve never spent a month gallivanting in Ibiza…

But I’ve been known to go on leisurely vacations, and – on a whim – decide to stay for an extended period of time. Without worrying about running my business. Or how I’ll pay my bills.

And I don’t like getting up early in the morning. So I don’t. Unless my kids or money is involved. I buy BIG GIFTS for my family. Cars. Televisions. Jewelry. Computers. And on three occasions – homes.

I pay for almost everything with CASH. Plunking down a wad of bills to pay for expensive “stuff” infuses you with a sense of power that plastic just cant touch. YOU feel a quiet sense of superiority. If you’re in a store… it makes the cashier look at you differently… the people in line behind you gawk… they strain their necks in the parking lot to see what kind of car you’re driving... they’ll see me hopping into either my Mercedes or Escalade.

So yeah. That’s my version of it. Don’t sound too shabby, right?

And that’s the good news. Yes it is possible.

Now for the bad.

It took years of struggling. And bumping my head against the wall. And false-starts. And stressful nights for me to really figure out the whole online “game”.

And unless you get lucky, and hit a home-run on your first trying to launch a business online, there’s a good chance you will experience those same growing pains too.

Well actually, it may be a little bit worse…

You see, when I first started out, I had passive income coming in from a previous business. This allowed me to spend time and money “trying stuff” online that the average full-time working person probably couldn’t afford.

I remember the time I stayed up for two days straight, trying to figure out how to add a Javascript code snippet to the header of one of my websites. It would take me less than 5 minutes now. I can set up and launch a complete marketing campaign in days, where as it would have taken me weeks before.

So the point of all this is… to get to the cushy side of the “Internet Lifestyle”, you’ll have to cross some bumpy roads. And unfortunately, many travelers will not make it to the other side. They’ll either get frustrated and quit, or run out of resources to keep going.

But let’s skip past of all the doom and gloom. I’m not here to talk about that. I’m here to discuss possibilitiesand how we can increase your odds of rapid success online!