Feel Unstoppable

fast-track-to-successOK, so now that you know masterminding and mentorship can put you on the fast-track to success.

But you’re probably wondering: Where are you going find a group of successful, like-minded online entrepreneurs to mastermind with?

Well, I’m glad you asked…

The purpose of me writing you today is to invite you to a new mastermind group I will be forming in the coming weeks. It will be for online entrepreneurs looking to reach new heights in their business and personal lives.

Basically, the it’s for people like you and me.

The group will be a thriving community of ambitious business people, who will unselfishly help each member achieve their highest level of personal success.

No matter what.

By networking and openly sharing information and resources, every member will be empowered with the attitude of accepting “no excuses – fighting to the end – and never giving up!”

Wanna know what it feels like to be a part of movement that powerful?

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“When you first join… you’ll notice an immediate change in mindset… It’s like you’ve been zapped with an electrifying energy… Mentally… YOU feel different than you do on the outside world… YOU feel more positive… YOU feel more motivated… YOU become inspired to charge toward your goals like never before… YOU feel more confident… YOU finally have a support system that understands what you’re all about… YOU achieve dramatic results… outpacing everything you’ve accomplished in your business the past 3 years… in only 90 days… and… YOU feel unstoppable!”


Sounds exciting doesn’t it?

This is how successful people – the ones in control of their own destiny – feel everyday of their lives. They don’t associate with indecisive, ineffective, time wasters. They’re too busy “making it happen.”

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And now, I am asking for your help to “make this happen”.

Here’s what I mean… Starting any new help-based community poses a few challenges.

The first is having enough initial members on the inside to greet new arrivals. The second is having enough leaders that are willing to share their insights and become mentors to new members. The third is creating a framework for new members to follow that will put them on the fast-track to achieving their desired goals.

Well, I brainstormed this a bit and came up with a great solution to kill three birds with one stone. My solution is Founding Members.

Here’s how it works…

To address the first issue, Founding Member will be the seeds of the community. They will provide the foundation of positivity and greet new members with the energetic spark they were searching for when they joined the community.

Founding Members also address the second issue of leadership and mentorship. When new members join, they will inevitably look up to those who came before them. Since every entrepreneur is a leader in their own right, formalizing this role will just magnify their inborn character traits and allow their natural leadership talents to shine.

Now, I know some people will want to join the mastermind, but not become leaders. But I think the reason is largely because they don’t realize the value of what they have to offer. They may feel they dont have the accomplishments, expertise, or authority to merit the mentorship of others.

I think they are wrong. Once their actions are viewed objectively and put into perspective by a fresh pair of eyes, I’m sure they can be made to feel more comfortable with the idea of mentoring.

And if they truly do not have anything noteworthy to contribute, then I have a back-up plan. It’s my solution to issue number three.

The way I intend to address this issue is by using case studies of Founding Member’s businesses. If a founding member already has success in an area that will be useful in the framework, then we will document and include it.

If not, then I will work hand-in-hand with members to help them with business or marketing problems they may be facing. Then I will document the processes for new members to follow.

Case studies make great foundational training material to get new members on the fast-track because most people learn best by seeing how others have applied certain techniques to solve similar problems. At the same time, the Founding Members will get help resolving issues they’re facing in their business. It’s a win-win-win!

If you think you will have reservations about becoming a Founding Member… let me share another secret with you real quick:

The way to truly master a subject is to first learn it for yourself, then teach it to others. Teaching causes you to look at the subject in a whole new way. Explaining it to someone creates a level understanding you were never able to realized before.

Got it?

OK, back to the mastermind…

Here are just some of the benefits of becoming a leader and founding member:

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  • You will be looked up to and respected in our community
  • If you choose, you can lead your own sub mastermind group
  • You will be among the first to receive a helping hand jump-starting your business
  • You will learn and teach wealth management and business building information
  • You will learn and teach personal growth and productivity hacks
  • You will become known as an authority in your respective field and within the community


There will be many additional benefits that cant be yet realized, but to be honest, everyone is not cut out for this.

And that’s fine.

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Here’s Who This Is Perfect For

For others… like me who sometimes need a swift kick in the pants to get going or learn best by studying those who have already achieved what you’re after, then masterminding will be a gold mine for you.

It’s also perfect if you: [green_tick_2_list width=”100%”]

  •  have struggled with your online businesses, tried everything, but still nothing seems to work
  • are overwhelmed, frustrated, or have a fear of failure
  • don’t know which direction to take next and need step-by-step instructions to go from a standing start to rapid progress
  • are able to execute once you have a plan mapped out
  • want to experience the camaraderie and understanding of a mastermind group because in the “outside world” you are surrounded by people who just don’t get it and are tired of feeling misunderstood
  • want to be held accountable for taking action and want regular motivation, encouragement, and feedback to make sure you are on the right path to success
  • have a marketing budget to promote campaigns and want advice on how to get the best ROI from it (side note: The fastest way to learn if a promotion will work is to quickly send some targeted traffic at it. Once it starts converting, you can then spend time working on free traffic methods because now you know it won’t be a waste of time)
  • are any of the following: a business owner, a CEO, an executive, a consultant, a copywriter, a thought leaders, an author, a designer, a programmer, a sales professional, a seasoned marketer in the fields of B2B, Social Media, Email, E-Commerce, Info-Products, affiliate offers, etc…
  • are an investor in: stocks, options , bonds, real estate, etc… (these skills are always welcomed in the community)
  • want to gain an unfair advantage over the competition
  • want to find new sources of traffic, customers, and leads
  • want to learn tested and proven strategies for launching and growing an online business
  • want to surround yourself with the sharper minds of people who are more experienced than you in a particular field
  • want more eyes on your project, so nothing gets overlooked or lost between the cracks
  • want to tackle business challenges and problems together
  • are already successful, but have hit a plateau and want to re-ignite growth with new ideas, unlocking new opportunities, or discover breakthroughs
  • are already successful and want to “pay it forward” by becoming a leader and/or mentor of your fellow entrepreneurs
  • want profitable start up ideas, marketing plans, and business building insights
  • want to expand your network of influential people, and form JV partnerships to cross promote products and websites


So as you can see, masterminding can accommodate entrepreneurs with wide range of objectives.

lead a horse to waterBut here’s who it wont work for… if you’re still stuck in the day dreaming phase of your business and are not willing to invest time or effort into making your ideas a reality yet. This is not for you –  and you can stop reading now.

No matter what opportunity you are presented with in this phase, it will not work for you.

It’s like that old saying… “You can lead a horse to water, but you cant make him drink.”