Your End Game

begin-with-end-in-mindThat’s the advice I got from a guy that sold his medical software company for $188,000,000.

That’s one-hundred-eighty-eight-million smackeroos!

It echos the second habit of “begin with the end in mind,” written by the late Stephen Covey in his bestseller, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

So I guess it’s safe to say, that is some pretty solid advice.

Now I ask you: What does your end result look like?

For each of us, it looks different. But surely there are areas where our visions overlap.

For example, I think we all have the desire to live longer, enjoyable lives. The desire to provide the best care, protection, and enrichment for those who depend on us.

To be insulated from as much pain, fear and danger as possible. In other words, we want to avoid misery and misfortune. Well, the best insulation against misery and misfortune I know of is money.

Preferably — lots of it!

Because more money provides: Better homes. Better neighborhoods. Better vacations. Better schools. Better education for your children. Better healthcare. More time with your family. More security in your retirement. More help for those you care about. Better and More of EVERYTHING!

But wait. We’re not done yet. Let’s get personal.

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What would you do for yourself if you had a business generating millions of dollars?

Would you smile more than you do now? Would you devote more time to becoming a better person? Would you read more books? Would you learn a new language? Would you lose weight, eat healthier foods, and take better care of your body?

Here’s the fun part… what kind of cool shit would you buy?

Would you buy new clothes? Would you buy new jewelry? Would you buy more gifts for loved ones? Would you buy a vacation home? Would you buy a new luxury car? …Would you buy another one??

What kind of lifestyle would you have?

Would you have more meaningful relationships? Would you have more adventures and life experiences? Would you strut more confidently? Would you rub shoulders with influential people? Would you be more admired? Would you leave a legacy and be immortalized for generations to come?

I believe… YOU WOULD!

And… I believe… YOU COULD!


So how much would it be worth to you to achieve it? To make it real?

If you knew for certain you could reach it within the next 90 days… how much would you pay to taste that level of personal excellence?

To have the financial freedom to laugh in the face of money troubles?

To go to bed at night, and your only concern in the world is: “Which color life-sized doll house are you going to get your 8 year old daughter for her birthday… the purple or the pink one?”

My guess is everything you have – short of what you needed to feed your family for the next 3 months!

But don’t go reaching for your wallet just yet.

I cant guarantee you’ll reach all of your goals in the next 90 days. I don’t know how hard you will work. I don’t know how you will apply the information and support you receive from your fellow entrepreneurs.

But what I can promise you is this:  you will increase your chances of realizing them 100-fold when become a member of our mastermind community.

Oh… and I can also promise you it wont cost as much as 3 months worth of food for your family. Not even close.

So if that sounds good to you… click to the next page and let’s talk turkey!

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