Give Your Business An

Unfair Marketing Advantage


Need quality leads for yourself or a client?

Let Brainwave Media be your performance marketing guns for hire!

We specialize in creating customized marketing strategies based on your project needs.

Our expertise in driving high quality leads allows your organization to focus their time and energy on increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace.

The key components of our performance marketing strategy is to keep advertising messages in line with your company’s overall marketing goals.

We focus on a getting prospect to take a defined action, such as making a purchase or requesting more information about your products and services. Instead of spending money to advertise your product via traditional media and not knowing if those ads generate sales, you will be able to track every action. You can view hard numbers on campaign performance, and therefore make decisions based on fact rather than assumption.

6 Ways We Turbo Charge Your Business With

Powerful Performance Marketing

  1. Identify Ideal Customer or Prospect
  2. Communicate A Clear Marketing message that will resonate with your ideal prospect
  3. Identify Traffic Sources and places
  4. Track Every Ad For Effectiveness – Extensive tracking allows us to tie marketing costs directly to results, accurately measuring down to the penny.
  5. Optimize Campaigns based on results
  6. Scale campaign reach based on client demand

What are the benefits of this style of responsive marketing?

Superior Affordability – Another benefit of Direct Response Marketing is that it’s very affordable in comparison to the typical brand marketing approach. This is because direct response marketing is measurably self-funding – it funds its own activities in a knowable way by asking the customer to take an action that can be quantified in terms of revenue and profit.

In contrast, branding campaigns aim to make a lasting impression on consumers about a given brand. The presumption is that the increased awareness that results will increase purchase decisions for the brand. However since they aren’t coming out and directly asking for a sale they can’t make decisions to optimize their advertising dollars. So, money is being spent on creating a brand image, but not necessarily in a way that delivers optimal profitability. Direct response marketing is executed in a way that creates a more direct link between advertising dollars spent and revenues and profits driven.

Another benefit of direct response marketing that relates to its affordability is the fact that even though you’re asking for a sale – you’re still getting your brand name and identity out there.

Direct response marketing campaigns tend to have higher conversions when targeted to a specific audience. Some direct response pieces can yield 40% conversion. Many think that direct response marketing campaigns are expensive but this is not true.

In summary…

It works.
It’s affordable.
And you can measure results easily and quickly.